I graduated Bard College in 2014 and am the author of the collections Boys Moving, Three Short Stories, Midwest, and several others. In 2018 I won the Ara Jo Memorial Fund Grant. My work has been featured in On Verge, Tumblr's homepage and other places. 

You can buy my work at Silver Sprocket in San Francisco, Fantastic Comics in Berkeley, and Escapist Comics in Berkeley. 

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Sleeping Backwards (2019)

My Growing Years (2018)

The Bridge (2017)

Midwest (2017)

Three Short Stories (2015)

Boys Moving (2014)


New Issue (2019) [forthcoming]

Untitled (2019)

The Idea Who Was (2019)

Sleeping Backwards: Collection (2019) 

This Black Water (2018)

Two Small Stories (via the Ara Jo Memorial Fund grant) (2018)

The Idea Who Went West (2018)

The Basketball Minotaur Re-Cut (2018) 

My Growing Years Re-Cut: Collection (2018)

The Basketball Minotaur (2017) 

The Bridge (2017)

Midwest (2017)

My Growing Years: Collection (2017)  

The State of Comics: They've Become Time (On Verge) (2016)

Three Short Stories (2015)

Dent 1-16 (2014) 

Art In A 21st Century: Robert Lansden (On Verge) (2014)

Boys Moving Digital Commons (2014)


Rose City Comic Con (2019) [forthcoming]

Mission Art & Comic Expo (2019) [forthcoming]

Syzygy Collab Art Show (2019) 

WonderCon (2019)

Cosmos Show (2019) 

Homegrown Beats (2019) 

December Showing (2018)

EBABZ - Showing via RPSC & Ara Jo Memoral Fund grant (2018)

Holiday Pop-up Show (2018)

AfroComicCon (2018)

October Art Show: Occult (2018)

Oakland Print Fair (2018)

San Francisco Zine Fest (2018)

Syzygy Academy Exhibition (2018) 

Afro Comic Con (2017) 

Alternative Press Expo (2017) 

WonderCon (2015)

Alternative Press Expo (2014)