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I graduated Bard College in 2014 and exhibit at conventions throughout the west coast. In 2018 I won the Ara Jo Memorial Fund Grant and am the author of the books & collections Boys Moving, Three Short Stories, The Bridge, My Growing Years, Sleeping Backwards, and others. I've had work appear in On Verge, Tumblr's homepage and other places. [Newsletter] [Twitter] [Linkedin]


Sleeping Backwards (2019)

My Growing Years (2018)

The Bridge (2017)

Midwest (2017)

Three Short Stories (2015)

Boys Moving (2014)


Untitled (2019) [forthcoming]

Sleeping Backwards: Collection (2019) 

This Black Water (2018)

Two Small Stories (via the Ara Jo Memorial Fund grant) (2018)

The Idea Who Went West (2018)

The Basketball Minotaur Re-Cut (2018) 

My Growing Years Re-Cut: Collection (2018)

The Basketball Minotaur (2017) 

The Bridge (2017)

Midwest (2017)

My Growing Years: Collection (2017)  

The State of Comics: They've Become Time (On Verge) (2016)

Three Short Stories (2015)

Dent 1-16 (2014) 

Art In A 21st Century: Robert Lansden (On Verge) (2014)

Boys Moving Digital Commons (2014)


Rose City Comic Con (2019) [forthcoming]

Mission Art & Comic Expo (2019) [forthcoming]

WonderCon (2019) [forthcoming]

Cosmos Show (2019) 

Homegrown Beats (2019) 

December Showing (2018)

EBABZ - Showing via RPSC & Ara Jo Memoral Fund grant (2018)

Holiday Pop-up Show (2018)

AfroComicCon (2018)

October Art Show: Occult (2018)

Oakland Print Fair (2018)

San Francisco Zine Fest (2018)

Syzygy Academy Exhibition (2018) 

Afro Comic Con (2017) 

Alternative Press Expo (2017) 

WonderCon (2015)

Alternative Press Expo (2014)