A short comic I did about the current COVID-19 crisis.


In 2016, this book covers various pockets of the Midwest including some of Donald Trump's radical supporters. 


A comic I did for Not My Small Diary #20. (Buy here.)


You can find the download link via Bard Digital Commons (here).

I interview Jason Martin on his excellent line of comics.

Photography from around the country and world.

This was a quick story I did for 24 Hour Comic Day about the nature of ideas. Now revised to "The Idea Who Was".

This is the first issue of a series I'm starting. I was commissioned to write it for EBABZ 2018 via the Ara Jo Memorial Fund grant through the Rock Paper Scissors Collective.


This collection of illustrated poems originally became a travel diary when traveling the United States. I exhibited it at conventions in late 2017, and made a second round at San Francisco Zine Fest, The Oakland Print Fair, and other events. This particular volume contains poems and illustrations, re-cut and re-worked for the second edition. Once started in a small notebook I carried between diners, The Basketball Minotaur is now repackaged and put together with new illustrations and poems.

More work will be posted in here when it's ready to be read!

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