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December 2018

Hey everyone! I’m really glad to share a few great things that have come up
this past week.

First, I’ll be exhibiting at WonderCon 2019 March 29–31 at the Anaheim
Convention Center in Anaheim, CA. For information on the show, you can go here:


Second, I’ll also be exhibiting at Rose City Comic Con 2019, Sept 13-15, 2019
at the Oregon Convention Center. For info on this show, you can go here:


Lastly, you can now buy “Two Small Stories” at Fantastic Comics in Downtown
Berkeley! For info on their store, you can find them at


Really excited to have exhibited at EBABZ last weekend and have 10 hard copies
of this comic left. Talk soon everyone, Joseph

Dec 2018

Hope everybody is having a great holiday season. I just got copies of my
book back from the printer, which I’ll be showcasing at EBABZ. So excited to be
doing this. I’ll be selling copies of The Basketball Minotaur at UC
Berkeley’s Pop-up Holiday festival. Come on and swing by!

Also stay tuned. I’ll be opening up some merchandise and more of my online
store after December 8th. Happy holidays and until then,


October 2018

Hello everyone!

Here’s a little update of what I’ve been up to. After exhibiting,
once again, I’m out of print copies, including back issues of
both The Basketball Minotaur and other comics (you can still buy a PDF
for download on my website.) I’ll be releasing a 3rd edition soon, and the
next comic I’ve got kicking around. The previous comics of 2017 have gone
out of print, and I may release them sometime later, but I’m mainly
focusing on creating new material. It’s been a fun wrap up of these
four events, and I’ve sold a lot of books in the last couple months:

-San Francisco Zine Fest

-Oakland Print Fair 

-Syzygy Occult Exhibition 


To get started, let me thank everyone who made these events possible, and
a warm thanks to everyone I sat by as well. You guys made these events great in
so many ways. 

Now, what I’m up to: I’ll be writing some new stuff, so stay
tuned. I’m happily tired out and sharpening my pencils before I get some sleep
to work on yet another panel. 

Best and talk soon,

Joseph Cotsirilos

September 2018

First off, I want to give a HUGE thanks to everyone who came out to see me
at SFZinefest 2018! It was so great to hang out with you guys while selling
books. The convention was a blast, The County Fair Building is always such a
wonderful place, and there’s more things I’d like to update you guys on.

I’m currently sold out of t-shirts and only have 5 more issues of “The
Basketball Minotaur” left in stock (if anyone wants a shirt or comic in
hard-copy, DM or email me at [email protected],
I switched over from Gmail, I’ll throw in a couple buttons with each purchase)
which leads me to the second thing.

The online store is up! You can download “The Basketball Minotaur”
electronically and other books when I’m finished revising them for download.
Expect to be able to purchase past work and possibly two collections of past
work as well.

Upcoming events: this weekend I’ll be in Portland checking out Rose City
Comic Con and preparing for Afro Comic Con in October.

Thanks again everyone and stay tuned, best,


August 2018

Hello everyone out there! Right now, I have a ton of new things going on to
share with all of you, so let me start with what’s coming up immediately, and
work my way down!

- First, I’m exhibiting at SF ZINE FEST 2018. For anyone who doesn’t know what
that is, it’s one of San Francisco’s biggest zine festivals. I’ll be at booth
44 and will be selling new and re-cut versions of the book I released earlier
this year, The Basketball Minotaur. For address and directions, see
below (or visit:

17th Annual SF Zine Fest

Sunday, September 2, 2018

11am to 5pm

County Fair Building (in Golden Gate Park)

1199 9th Ave.

San Francisco, CA 94122

- Which brings me to the second convention related news, which is Afro Comic
Con 2018! I’ll be exhibiting at the annual Afro Comic Con presented by BLAM!

Annual Afro Comic Con

October 19-21, 2018


6601 Shellmound Street,

Emeryville, CA 94608

That’s right, I’ll be exhibiting The Basketball Minotaur re-cut, AND,
I may have an entirely new mini comic to sell there as well! Expect a new comic
to be coming out early 2019.

I’ve been working like crazy these past five months, revising this new comic
and re-cutting and re-editing past drafts of comics that were going to be
released again. The work load has been nuts, absolutely, but it’s worth it 100%
all the time and the buzz is just excellent. I’ll be revamping the online store
to sell more collections and possibly buttons as well.

Stay tuned, and come read some fiction at these events. Much more is on the
way, and hope everyone has had an excellent summer,


Joseph Cotsirilos

Summer Newsletter 2018