I want to contact you, but what the heck does PGP mean? And what is Signal?

Signal is an end-to-end-encrypted messaging app, meaning if you call me through a phone number through the app, no one can hear our conversations (like the NSA). I have it posted so people can contact me about sensitive issues, like the current Syrian Civil War for my current project. I have PGP email, which means you can do the same for emailing me. For a good explanation on what that means, there's a good write up on Wikipedia here. While it may seem overkill to most people, I write comics about sometimes sensitive issues where people wish to remain anonymous while telling me about their experiences, so security is something I think about. (While both of these services are vetted in the security community, don't quote me on it though. I am by no means a security or cryptography expert. I draw comics.) All sources are protected. (Seriously, too. I have experience with this sort of thing.)

If you want to call me over Signal, email me, and we can set something up.

Alright, but I'm not doing anything sensitive. Can you write or illustrate my comic?

Certainly! I'm always up for a freelance job. The only things I ask are two things.

For illustration - if you have a script, I need the first big chunk (like 20 pages) so I can see where you're headed and get a feel of what you're going for. I also charge $80 per page. That means penciled, outlined, inked & scanned. Comics are super labor intensive, and while I understand $80/page/normal 24 pages ($1,920 total) may seem very steep, keep in mind I like to not only do the best I can do, but that barely factors into last minute expenses on my end (last minute Lyfts to the Copy Store if the scanner breaks down etc.), so it evens out to even being on the more reasonable side.

For writing - if you want to do a joint writer position for a comic, I'd love to! The only thing I ask for is a beginning, middle, and end, so I can understand what your vision is. If you're planning on pitching the story to a publishing house, let me know up front.

Can you give a talk to my class/community center/kids about comics?

Yes! Absolutely. I will mostly do these for free, but if they're several cities away, I may charge a $20 for subway/lyfts.

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