JOSEPH COTSIRILOS is a writer & cartoonist. His work has appeared in places like Ashcan Magazine, Aviary, Inter-Connected-CirclesOn Verge and anthologies like Not My Small Diary. His work has also been featured on Tumblr's homepage, in art galleries, and numerous comic book conventions. Winner of the Ara Jo Memorial Fund Grant through the Rock Paper Scissors Collective and currently working on a large comics project, he resides on the West Coast. 

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Ara Jo Memorial Fund Grant.


Sleeping Backwards. Graphic novel & collection.

My Growing Years. Graphic novel & collection.

The Bridge. Graphic novel.

Midwest. Collection of photography.

Three Short Stories. Collection of short stories.

Boys Moving. Novel.


Rose City Comic Con (2020-3/2021)

AwesomeCon (2020-3/2021)

East Bay Alternative Book & Zine Festival - EBABZ (2020)

Berkeley Pop Up Show (2020) 

Afro Comic Con (2020)

Snow (2020) 

Graphic Wonderland: Showcase (2019)

Holiday Pop-Up Show (2019) 

Jungle Show 3.0 (2019) 

Rose City Comic Con (2019) 

San Francisco Zine Fest (2019) 

Squaw Valley Writer's Workshop (2019) 

Rock Paper Scissors Event: We're Here (2019) 

Zinefest: Show Me Your Stories (2019) 

Mission Art & Comic Expo (2019) 

Syzygy Collab Art Show (2019)

WonderCon (2019) 

Cosmos Show (2019) 

Homegrown Beats (2019) 

December Showing (2018) 

EBABZ - Showing via RPSC & Ara Jo Memorial Fund grant (2018)

Holiday Pop-up Show (2018)

Extremely Graphic: Showcase (2018) 

AfroComicCon (2018) 

October Art Show: Occult (2018)

Oakland Print Fair (2018)

San Francisco Zine Fest (2018) 

Syzygy Academy Exhibition (2018)

Afro Comic Con (2017)

Alternative Press Expo (2017)

WonderCon (2015)

Alternative Press Expo (2014) 

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