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I graduated Bard College in 2014 and exhibit at conventions throughout the west coast. I've had work appear in On Verge, Tremr, Tumblr's homepage and am available for work on a job by job basis. I recently won the Ara Jo Memorial Fund grant to produce a comic for this year's EBABZ through the Rock Paper Scissors Collective. You can follow my updates either on Twitter or my newsletter.

I've written & self-published several books of prose and comics, including Dent 1-16, Boys Moving, published by The Bard College Digital Library, My Growing Years, along with others. I've exhibited at WonderCon, Alternative Press Expo, Afro Comic Con, San Francisco Zine Fest, Syzygy Academy and others. You can buy my comics at Fantastic Comics in Downtown Berkeley (CA) and Escapist Comics, in Claremont, Berkeley, CA. For a direct link to my newsletter for updates along with my Twitter feed, you can subscribe to the links above.