Writer & Cartoonist


I'm the author of the Dent series (issues 1-16) & the graphic novels/books Boys Moving (2014), Three Short Stories (2015), Midwest (2017), The Bridge (2017), My Growing Years (2018), and Sleeping Backwards (2019). Comics and various doodles find their way into my sketchbook all the time. (I kept drawing when that one teacher told me not to.) I've also photographed many areas, including New York, Prague, California, Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio & Indiana.

I'm a graduate of Bard College (2014), AmeriCorps NCCC (2016), and The Squaw Valley Writer's Workshop (2019). I've exhibited at conventions around the west coast, had my work shown in galleries, and appeared in Ashcan Magazine, Aviary, On Verge, Tumblr's homepage & other places. In 2018, I won the Ara Jo Memorial Fund Grant through the Rock Paper Scissors Collective.

Currently, I'm working on a comic about a Syrian refugee in the U.S. under the Trump administration, where I do all my own scripting, outlining, writing, penciling, inking, coloring & interview sources.